Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 6, 2015
Please pray for me to pass my nursing program an pass the state boards. My family is depending on me. I am there primary income.
SteveGunter7777@ATT.Net G. Post
January 9, 2015
I go to Peachtree Presbyterian in Atlanta and am a single man. I have a BS
degree with a major in American History and a minor in Park and Recreation
Administration. Pray for me a job with the National Park Service at a Civil
War Park like Gettysburg but here in GA. There are two Civil War Parks: Kennesaw
Mtn and Chickamauga. Also I have not had date in a long time and would like
to date someone steadily but I just cannot seem to find anyone. I want
to date someone that is a Christian woman and that is fairly attractive looking
and that has a good education and that works like maybe in an office as
an office administrator. It would be great if she were a Presbyterian too.
Thanks guys!!!
John K. Post
December 2, 2013
Please pray for Camillo, Jeff Swafford's father-in-law, who is facing heart bypass surgery this week.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 3, 2010
Please pray for Patty Bachman, mother of Jake Bachman, who will have triple bypass surgery on Friday.
Christopher W. Post
October 1, 2010
Dear Prayer Partner,
I have been praying for a 5 year old Amish boy names Erwin Stultsfus. He's has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. He rides my train down to CHOP in Philly for treatments every 3 weeks. The JRA attacked his spine and brain. Surgery gave him partial eyesight. Wears real think glasses. Please pray for him. hid dad's name is Jesse.
Today an young Amish dude got on the train at Parksburg. Homemade pants, suspenders, straw hat, bowl haircut. He asked about a 10 trip ticked. so I asked if he got a job in Center City. He explained that his 2 month old daughter who was born a premee, has a stricture in her colon and is awaiting surgery at CHOP on October 13th. He'll stay a couple days. He has another child. I told him I and my friends will pray for them. When I asked how his wife was holding up he told me she's sick. A cold? No, Bone Cancer in her spine. They've opted not to do Chemo. The prognoses didn't hold out much chance. Anyway my partner and I prayed with him. The guy's name is Abner. His wife is Barbra, the 2 month old girl is Suzanna.
I will see these guys again Monday, please pray. I'll keep you in the loop.
Grace to You,
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 30, 2010
Please pray for John Berstecher, pastor at Concord Liberty Presbyterian Church who has accute leukemia.
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